From the most instagrammable foam to artisan coffee pop-ups, London and good coffee have maintained a fruitful idyll in recent years, based on delicious daily shots that motivate you both to get up and the desire to visit your favorite barista . We have compiled the best cafeterias in the English city so that if you are there, for work or pleasure, you will not miss your favorite coffee, take it however you take it.

Grind & Co.

grind and co

The Grind is quickly taking over London. Since opening its first location in Shoreditch, a slew of new franchises have now sprouted in Soho, Holborn, London Bridge, Clerkenwell and the Royal Exchange, among other places. Hipster staff, great coffee, and quirky interiors make each venue a destination of interest in its own right. Also, at night they turn into bars and their espresso martinis are the best we’ve ever tasted (made, of course, with their own blend of coffee).

Store St. Espresso

store st espresso

For its artisan coffees, tempting snacks and bright, relaxed interiors, Store St Espresso, located in the quiet stretch of Bloomsbury from which it takes its name, has become one of the best-regarded and most-visited cafes in all of London. It has become so popular that they have opened a second location very close to the first, in Tavistock Place.

Coleman Coffee Roasters

coleman coffee roasters

As well as roasting coffee for other big London coffee shops, Coleman Coffee has its own unique outlet near Waterloo Station. Jack Coleman and his team, specialists in high-quality Arabica coffee and with a simple and appetizing menu to choose between filter, cappuccino, piccolo or espresso, they also sell coffee beans for home in case you find yourself unable to go out on a weekend out of bed and drag yourself there for a freshly made cup.



Based on coffee from the Square Mile, along with British specialties invited every weekend, Kaffeine’s two cafes in the Westminster district offer excellent coffee, knowledgeable staff, delicious cakes and beautiful décor – a delight to spend a pleasant hour or two in any of its franchises.

Allpress Espresso

allpress esperesso

From their own coffee shop in Dalston or their coffee shop in Shoreditch to the many wonderful cafes that serve their unique blend (Violet and The Monocle Café among them), New Zealand brand Allpress has a well-proven commitment to excellence.