We believe that what makes a good pub is not its beers (something does have an influence, but not everything). The most important thing about a pub is its atmosphere and the unique chance it offers to meet Londoners and learn much more about the real London from them. It is said that no one can be sad in a pub and we share this idea without hesitation. Here is just a small selection of all the wonderful pubs London has to offer.

Ye Olde Miter Tavern

ye olde miter tavern

The Ye Olde Miter is a small classic pub that you will find hidden in an alley in the City of London. As soon as you cross the doors of this place you will have the feeling of having entered a time machine. The Ye Olde Miter has been serving pints in central London for over 400 years and still retains all of its original charm. His fame has reached all the way to Hollywood, and movie lovers may recognize him from movies like “Snatch.” For my part, I recommend their Real Ales and their Sandwiches.

Lamb & Flag

lamb & flag

This is one of the classic pubs that has also become one of my favourites. 200 years ago it was known by the nickname of “Blood bucket” (blood bucket) due to the many clandestine boxing matches that were held in it and it is said that Charles Dickens was already a regular in his time. Today the Lamb & Flag, located in a Tudor-style building in Covent Garden, is a friendly place where workers in the area enjoy after-work. Always packed to the brim, its second-floor dining room is reputed to offer some of the best “Pie” (meatloaf) in the area.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

olde cheshire cheese

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese is officially the oldest pub in London. The current premises were built in 1667 after the great fire of London, but it replaces a previous Pub that had already been operating at this address since 1538. The distribution and decoration of the rooms maintain all their original spirit. At the door you will find a sign with the message “Gentlemen only served in this bar”, a statement that luckily has nothing to do with the current situation. Everyone is welcome in this pub!

The George Inn

george inn

The George Inn is one of the largest classic pubs in the city and is located in the London Bridge area. The space still preserves its two floors intact and its spectacular gallery, where it is said that Shakespeare himself drank. If the weather is good, the George Inn has a very large outdoor area. Sitting on this terrace enjoying the soft London summer breeze is the perfect way to round off a day of sightseeing in the city. The typical British food that the place serves is also excellent.

Spaniards Inn

spaniards inn

This historic pub located on the edge of Hampstead Heath Park is an iconic local surrounded by legends and curious stories. Apparently Charles Dickens liked this pub so much that he took it as the setting for his first novel and masterpiece “The Pickwick Club Posthumous Papers”. Today the Spaniards Inn invites you to enjoy the bad weather in front of its fireplace with a beer or tea. During the hot months, this is the ideal place to cool off after a day discovering this beautiful park.