Making a list of restaurants to eat in London is not exactly easy and we cannot forget that, despite what many travelers believe otherwise, this is an incredibly gastronomically rich city and there are thousands of options to choose from. That is why we wanted to make a selection of restaurants where you can enjoy the best traditional as well as international gastronomy, with a great value for money.



Located next to the Sky Garden, one of the best viewpoints in London, Mber is one of the most recommended restaurants to eat in London. In addition to having a very attractive place, the service and, above all, the products and flavors on the menu, are highly recommended. Keep in mind that if you want to go at night or on a weekend, it is advisable to book as they are usually full. It is advisable to order three dishes per person, since they are quite small portions as a tapa and they all have an approximate price between 10-15 pounds. We ordered duck bao, gyozas, waygu burger, soft crab massaman curry with rice, dessert and coffees for £91.

Although they recommended 3 dishes per person to us, it is true that with six dishes and a dessert you will be fine, so at any given time if you are not very hungry you can order two dishes per person and a dessert and it is also quite right.

The Red Lion

the red lion

Located very close to Big Ben, Red Lion is one of the most recommended pubs in London as well as one of the most beautiful, but not just for a drink as they are specialists in pies, a type of baked cake that is filled with savory ingredients. and it is one of the traditional dishes of the country. Keep in mind that the place is always quite full, although as it has two floors, you generally have to wait a few minutes for them to locate a table for you. You can order a tasting pies (3 pieces with 3 small beers) for £18.95 and a meat pies for £15.50 plus tap water and coffees for a total of £45. all unbelievably delicious. Highly recommended if you are in the area and want to try one of the best pies in the city.

The Duke of Wellington

the duke of wellington

Located in Notting Hill, in the Portobello market, this is another of the restaurants to eat in London that is most recommended by locals and travelers as well as being an iconic pub in the city. Keep in mind that there are usually a lot of people on weekends, as it coincides with the market, so if you have the opportunity, it is best to come during the week, when the atmosphere is much more relaxed. You can order a house pie, fish and chips and sausage & mash, all are excellent. The prices of the dishes are about 15 pounds more or less. If you go on a Sunday, of course you cannot miss trying their famous Sunday roast, which is impressive.

Goddard at Greenwich

goddard at greenwich

Known for being an authority on pie&mash, this place probably serves the cheapest pie-mash dishes in the city. Although we tried others that we liked more, we believe that we could not fail to include it in this list of the best restaurants in London since, as we say, it is an icon in the city. Keep in mind that, especially on weekends, there are usually a lot of people, although turnover is quite fast, so if you don’t want to wait too long, it’s worth going first thing in the morning.

Honest Burger

honest burger

Honest Burger is without a doubt the best burger restaurant in London. With dozens of locations throughout the city, this chain has usually small locations, where they serve a variety of really delicious burgers. When you are in the city, go ahead and try something, you can choose for example the classic Honest and the vegetarian Plant, both are delicious and also come with homemade potatoes, which are very crispy. The average price for two people, with two hamburgers with fries and soft drinks, is around £35.