London is fast becoming one of the most exciting cities on the global foodie scene; Being a melting pot of cultures, it is also a hive of different cuisines. From market food stalls to Michelin-starred restaurants, from sweet treats to delicious savory dishes, there is a new experience waiting for you around every corner. And the culinary scene has also become a popular theme for festival celebrations, with several new ones springing up like mushrooms every year. After all, a day turning purple from high-end food at a London food festival sounds like the description of a perfect day.

Whether you’re a local, a passing visitor or a tourist enjoying a city break, here’s our list of recommended London food festivals we think you should check out.

Taste London

taste london

Considered the culinary event of the summer, Taste London has it all. Tasty street food stalls, cooking master classes, new products on sale, and your kitchen heroes cooking up a dish before your very eyes during live demonstrations. Bringing together over 50,000 people each June to Regent’s Park, this open-air event serves up more than 40 signature dishes from trendy London restaurants along with some exclusive extras you won’t find anywhere else. There are plenty of free and paid activities to sink your teeth into, so make sure you come to Taste London with an appetite.

The London Dessert Festival

the london dessert festival

If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t want to miss The London Dessert Festival. If you agree to embark on this voyage of discovery, your senses will be bombarded with scents, textures, sights, sounds, and of course, flavors. You’ll think you’ve entered Willy Wonka’s factory when you walk past a wall of molten chocolate, not to mention sprinkles raining from the ceiling and an ice cream stand with never-before-seen toppings. There are four immersive experience zones dedicated respectively to chocolate, cakes, ice cream treats and vegan treats, covering all the latest trends like extreme milkshakes, bubble waffles and cocktail flavored sherbet. And we have not yet mentioned the appearances of big names in gastronomy. Choose wisely which friends you plan to visit this London food festival with, which runs for just a couple of days in August, as portions of designer treats aren’t always up for sharing.

London Brunch Fest

london brunch fest

Brunch is always a good idea for a relaxed Sunday, and also a tasty trend that has taken off in London in the last couple of years. With options ranging from the traditional English breakfast to more experimental proposals, and the sparkling open bar to accompany it, it is by far the best meal of the weekend (but equally acceptable any other day). And, to celebrate such a delicious moment of the day, the London Brunch Fest brings together all the necessary ingredients to do the honors to this menu during a weekend at the end of August. There are panel discussions, demonstrations, hands-on workshops and, of course, plenty of mouth-watering dishes to try. All this washed down with tea, coffee, Bloody Marys and sparkling. Browse the flea market for all things brunch and visit Sweet Street for your sugar fix. After visiting this London food festival, complete with a DJ table to provide background music to the food, even you’ll head over to avocado toast for breakfast.



If a weekend of meat, drink, fire and music appeals to you, Meatopia should be high on your list of London food festivals to visit. Initially created in the United States and brought to Tobacco Dock by chef Richard H Turner, this festival celebrates the best in quality, ethical meat. More than 40 chefs from London’s leading restaurants grill, cure and smoke meat to whet your appetite. With live music, famous DJs, engaging workshops and live chef demonstrations. Highlights on the menu to date include the Highland beef roasted whole in an earthen oven, the smoked head-to-tail ragu and the trio of veal preparations on blasted toast.