London is a cosmopolitan hub where diverse and quirky cultures intermingle, so it’s no surprise that it remains one of the world’s top foodie destinations. The spirit of the city is deeply tied to its lively street life, and London’s food scene was no exception. From Borough Market to Brixton Village, the common thread across these markets is that quality comes first.

We’ve selected the best of London’s best food markets below. Forget the spotless tablecloths and silverware; In these street stalls you will find some of the most outstanding dishes in the city.

Borough Market

borough market

A visit to Borough Market is an experience not to be missed, as it is a food market that is loved by both residents and tourists. It first opened its doors in 1756 and still maintains its good reputation for offering high-quality fresh and artisan products. We warn you that your visit to the market can be a real sensory overload, due to its colorful stalls, the noise of the crowds and the frequent puffs of unconventional smells that waft through the air. It is this lively activity that has kept the market thriving for so long. Try one of Mrs King’s Pork’s homemade hot or cold meat pies, which she has put her heart into every dish since 1853. If you’re looking for something sweet, head to Rabot 1745 for her original chocolate confections.

Old Spitalfields Market

old spitalfields market

Old Spitalfields Market is probably already on your bucket list, so The Kitchens Market will give you one more reason to drop by. This unique market is located inside the complex and includes a selection of some of the best street food restaurants in London. The atmosphere is loaded with style and sophistication, as is the food. Inside the place you will find ten fully operational kitchens, among which we highlight SOOD Family, Rök, Breddos Tacos, Berber & Q and Flank. Choose the one you like best or park the diet for a day and try them all.

Greenwich market

greenwich market

Greenwich Market attracts a wide range of people, from tourists to hippies to trendy South Londoners. Like the surrounding area, Greenwich Market has its own personality thanks to the multicultural community and deep historical roots of this centuries-old town on the banks of the Thames. The stalls offer street food, antiques, crafts, vintage clothing and jewelry. All kinds of cuisines are also waiting for you, such as Indian, Ethiopian, Japanese and Italian, among others. On weekends, the stalls extend as far as Durnford Street, where diners can sit outside. And don’t miss the antique typewriter kiosk; next to it is an excellent sushi stand.

Maltby street market

maltby street market

Maltby Street Market is one of those markets so pretty that you won’t be able to stop taking photos at an alarming rate. Covered by railway arches and fluttering pennants, this market feels like you’re in a country village, far from the hustle and bustle of London. Although the market is quite small, the quality of the vendors is fantastic and you will be spoiled for choice. Take a walk around the place trying the food from the different stalls and chatting with the friendly merchants. Don’t forget to try Bad Brownie’s salted caramel brownies, not to mention all the other great new brownies they make. For something comforting, head to Raclette Brothers for the classic raclette fries and sausage, topped with their signature sweet bacon shavings. And to top off your visit with something completely extraordinary, head to Dhan Waffle for fluffy waffles smothered in sweet syrups.

Exmouth market

exmouth market

Exmouth Market sits in an idyllic cobbled setting. Vendors throng among the quaint vintage shops and cafes with dreamy golden lights strung across the street. Delicious smells of spices and herbs fill the air, and young workers from nearby offices flock to eat here. This market is an ideal place to stop and have a drink. Sit on a bench overlooking the charming bell tower or treat yourself to window-shopping along the street. The real star attraction of the place is the Ghana stall, where you can order a small pack of jollof rice with two casseroles for just £5.