It’s time to embark your palate on an epic adventure with our guide to the most delicious street food in the capital. The city’s lively food markets are a foodie’s paradise, with countless stalls constantly creating new and succulent dishes, bursting with flavors from around the world. With so many options to choose from, we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out 10 of the best street food stalls in the city that will keep you energized as you explore the city. They do not follow any specific order.

The Rib Man

the rib man

This business is located in the Brick Lane market and outside The Boleyn Tavern on West Ham Football Club home game days. The Rib Man boasts of having the best ribs in London, and that’s a very bold claim. However, once you try them you will think that they are incredibly modest. They simmer the produce into super-tender (and huge) pulled pork sandwiches or helpings of ribs. Be sure to bathe your dish with their famous hot sauce to make it taste even better.

Boston sausage

boston sausage

It is located in Borough Market, near London Bridge Station. Boston Sausage elevates the modest sausage to unthinkable levels of awesomeness. With 163 years of experience making the most spectacular sausages, this family business of butchers knows how to take away your hunger. Their hot dogs, sausage patties, and pies are cheap, a delicious way to refuel.

Mother Clucker

mother clucker

This business is located in Ely’s Yard, in East London. Have you ever had double-battered fried chicken, cooked and served in a converted army ambulance? Nope? Well thanks to Mother Clucker you can change that. Even better than the quirky establishment, is the food itself. The fried chicken and Cajun fries are some of the tastiest in London.

Brazilian Churrasco & Wild Game

brazilian churrasco

It is located in Camden Lock. This one is for meat lovers. There is no street food more “meaty delicious” than Camden Lock’s Brazilian Churrasco & Wild Game BBQ stand. The stall roasts beef, lamb, venison and wild boar on a large open grill, something that is traditional in South America and absolutely delicious. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more authentic chimichurri sauce than the homemade hot sauce they have for sale here.

Mr Piadina

mr piadina

It is located in Camden Lock. You’ll think you’re savoring a flatbread brought straight from the sunny streets of the Mediterranean country when you take a bite of one of Mr Piadina’s prized products. Italian mozzarella, prosciutto and tomato, among other things, will be a good accompaniment for a stroll through Camden, London’s trendiest district.